Parents who want to work with themselves to improve the day-to-day lives of their children deserve respect. is a website for parents who want to work on anger management. The aim is to reach out with psychological knowledge and a method that enables parents to help themselves to create a more secure and predictable daily life for their children.


If you would like more help with anger management, family counsellors in Norway have been trained in the model presented in the e-book. Norwegian Family Counselling Centres (Familievernkontor) offer free sessions for parents, and can be contacted directly without a referral. 

Where to get help

Anger management app

You can download a free anger management app from, Google Play or App Store. The app is a self-help tool that builds on experiences from sessions with 800 parents who wanted help to improve how they manage anger towards their children.

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Littsint e-book

You can download the free e-book “Guide to Anger Management for Parents” from The e-book contains 10 video clips that present a well-documented anger management model in a concrete way.

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