Where to get help

If you would like more help with anger management, family counsellors in Norway have been trained in the “Guide to Anger Management for Parents”, which is presented in the e-book. Family Counselling Centres offer free sessions for parents, and can be contacted directly without a referral.

You can find your nearest Family Counselling Centre here


The website for the organisation Alternative to Violence (ATV), atv-stiftelsen.no, provides an overview of where in Norway you can find ATV offices offering treatment.

The Brøset centre of excellence’s website, sinnemestring.no, provides an overview of where in Norway you can find group therapy sessions.

Dinutvei.no is a national Web portal on violence in close relationships, rape and other sexual assaults. The portal is run by the Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies (NKVTS) on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

Tilknytningspsykologene.no provides useful literature for parents who want to improve how they interact with their children.